Lou Woolf gets Top Dollar for your home

With more than 40 years experience as a full time realtor in Southern California, Lou Woolf has a proven track record of getting deals done for everyone from first-time home sellers and buyers to A-list celebrities. Lou treats everyone as a celebrity!

“You may not be a celebrity, but Lou will treat you like one”

Why It Pays To Have A Woolf At Your Door!

Lou’s 40+ years of experience will help you get Top Dollar in any market by expertly preparing your home, while working with your needs, budget, and time frame. Flip your own home with no upfront costs using Lou’s proprietary EstatePact.com program.

Years Of Experience
Lou has been recognized by The Los Angeles Daily News “Readers Choice Awards” as best Real Estate Agent in L.A.

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Real Estate Residential Architecture
Real Estate Residential Architecture

Why "It Pays To Have A Woolf At Your Door!"

  • As a full-time Realtor, I am 100% dedicated to delivering exceptional service throughout every real estate transaction.
  • With over 40 years experience, I possess outstanding knowledge of the local Los Angeles real estate market.
  • As a real estate professional, I am committed to negotiating on your behalf to achieve your specific goals and objectives.
  • My experience and expertise includes working closely with probate and trust attorneys to ensure seamless sales at the best selling price.
  • I will implement a comprehensive networking strategy to facilitate the purchase or sale of your home tailored to your needs.
  • I am committed to going above and beyond to ensure smooth real estate transactions for you.
  • Providing personalized service is my pride, guaranteeing active involvement in the purchase or sale of your home.
  • I will employ the latest technology to enhance your specific real estate needs, whether buying or selling.
  • Tackling challenging tasks to streamline the moving process is essential to my success!
  • I will assist you in finding essential services required for buying or selling a home or property.
  • I will keep you informed about current local real estate market conditions that may impact the purchase or sale of your home.
  • I utilize only premium marketing to maximize exposure for your home if you are a seller, and to help you find your perfect home if you are a buyer.
  • As a full-time real estate professional, you will have my unwavering support throughout your entire real estate transaction.
  • My experience, both within and beyond real estate, enables me to handle the intricacies of your real estate transaction allowing you to focus on your family.
  • I will honor your time and collaborate with you to ensure minimal disruption to your busy schedule.
  • My #1 Goal is creating satisfied buyers and sellers!